Vegas Shortcuts Script

Movie Studio doesn’t have the script features of Vegas Pro. However it shares more than 300 keyboard shortcuts with Vegas Pro.

The scripts features of Vegas Pro are advanced but are not for everybody. You need some skills, experience, knowledge, patience and time to write a good script. A Vegas Pro script ‘ll not work with every version of Sony / Magix Vegas Pro.

Often I have just a need for a quick way to automate relative simple repetitive tasks with events on the timeline, which can be done with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts / mouse actions that are available in Vegas Pro / Movie Studio.

Vegas Shortcuts Script, VSS, fills the gap between a real Vegas Pro script and just some keyboard shortcuts that you have to remember. It works with Movie Studio and Vegas Pro.  Of course you can’t do all the things a “real”integrated script language can offer, but things like placing markers or automatically trim a couple of events are possible.

A VSS script contains the “commands” (actions / keyboard shortcuts). I defined a script as a (readable) text file. VSS has a built in feature that lets you search the available commands and lets you paste these in a plain text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ with a double mouse click or with the “Enter” key. You can interactively “develop” your script when VSS is connected to Vegas Pro / Movie Studio and VSS is connected to Notepad or Notepad++.

The script “player” of VSS contains 5 buttons to “play” 5 scripts and a button to load other scripts.

You can download Vegas Shortcuts Script (VSS) below. Included with the download is a quick start manual and 2 example VSS script files that you can load or edit.

Password to download: “I consider a small donation” (without the quotes)