Vegas Batch Stabilize script


Vegas Batch Stabilize is a compiled script with user interface to batch Stabilize video (Sub)clips with the Sony / Magix Stabilize Effect in Vegas Pro.

For Sony Vegas Pro 12, Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Magix Vegas Pro 14.
Free to use for personal or commercial Vegas Pro projects (but don’t sell my script).

This script can save you a lot of time.
Of course the stabilization ‘ll take as long as before, but it is done automatically by the script for all the selected (Sub)clips. In the meantime you can do other things.

Thanks to Marten and 3POINT (of the Dutch Vegas Video forum) for beta testing and hints.

Download and installation

Installation and use instructions are present in the readme file of the download package (zip).

This script ‘ll not run in older versions of Vegas Pro (before version 12)!
The script uses the OFX version of the Sony / Magix Stabilize effect.

Some users reported problems with compiled scripts (.dll) with Windows 10 and Magix Vegas Pro 14. Windows 10 seems to block dll files (like the script) that are made on other computers. In the readme of the download package there are simple instructions to solve this problem.

Marten of the Dutch Vegas Videoforum made this (dutch) video tutorial with the script:

To download this script use the password (without the quotes):
“I consider a small donation”

If you like the script, you can express your appreciation with a small donation, see the “Donate button” below.


4 thoughts on “Vegas Batch Stabilize script”

  1. Greetings.

    Two issues have come up when I stabilize (tried Vegasaur and am working with your script now).

    I’ve noticed that finished files have a somewhat different look – when done manually one by one, the video appears quite smooth, but in a script, there seem to be artifacts that appear, sometimes looking slightly “blocky” or pixelated. I understand the script only commands the action as I would, only faster, which shouldn’t be causing video issues. So, I turned off any acceleration (GPU, AMD Capeverde) to see if this helped. Unfortunately, I now only go through a couple or three clips before Vegas crashes (the second issue) which crops up now whether the system is accelerated or not.

    Is this something you’ve come across, any thoughts on these? I’d really like to make this work. Thanks

  2. Attempted to download your script many times but always stuck at around 400 – 600 kb then it doesn’t move a progress from there. Any other download link available? Thank you for this script btw.

    1. I tried the download myself: no problems.
      A couple of hundred other people have downloaded the script.

      So I think the problem is related to your computer.
      Maybe a security setting on your PC / virus scanner / Windows 10?

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