SoMaConverter Sony Magix Vegas Pro script converter


Starting with Magix Vegas Pro 14 your old (Sony) Vegas Pro scripts ‘ll not work directly in Vegas Pro 14. Because of the rebrand of Vegas Pro (from Sony Creative Software to Magix) some things need to be adapted in your scripts if you want to use the old scripts in Vegas Pro 14. This is possible with a text editor but for larger amount of files this is not handy.

I made a little free tool that can (batch) convert your old Sony Vegas Pro scripts to Magix Vegas Pro scripts. To be able to write scripts to the default script folder of Vegas the program needs adminstrator rights (so don’t be surpised if it asks your permission for that). The new generated script files ‘ll have the prefix   “MA_” (without the quotes) .

You can download it below.
Although the program is free, I ‘ll appreciate a small donation, see the PayPal button below, near the “download” button.

Password (without the quotes):   “I consider a small donation”


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