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Info MSVPVF and Vegas Pro 15 and MovieStudio 15.

At the moment Magix Vegas Pro 15 is the latest version and I suppose it ‘ll load older (Movie Studio of Vegas Pro) project files without the need of MSVPVF.

I suppose Magix updated the file structure of Vegas Pro 15 to support the new features of Vegas Pro 15, so “changing the flags” trick of MSVPVF of a Vegas Pro 15 project file to the flags of an older version doesn’t work  (tested with the demo version). Maybe in the future Vegas Pro 16 to Vegas Pro 15 ‘ll work if the file format of Vegas Pro 16 (and Vegas Movie Studio 15?) ‘ll  be the same as Vegas Pro 15 …………

Important: It doesn’t work with the newest versions Vegas Pro 15, 16 and MovieStudio 15 (backwards).

Updated to version 1.31.

The basic rules regarding file compatibility between Vegas Pro and Movie Studio are these:

  • Vegas will load Vegas project files with the same or older version number;
  • Vegas will load Movie Studio project files with the same or older version number;
  • Movie Studio will load MovieStudio project files with the same or older version number;
  • Movie Studio won’t load Vegas project files.

I experienced this when I tried to open a Movie Studio 13 project file in Vegas Pro 12. So even if you don’t use the new features of a new version you can not read your project files in older versions of Movie Studio or Vegas.

The project files of Sony Movie Studio 13, 14 and Sony Vegas Pro 12, 13 and 14 seems to appear more or less equal (same “generation”).

I made a program “Movie Studio / Vegas Pro  Version Faker” (MSVPVF) that can change the flags for the version number and even the file type (Movie Studio or Vegas Pro) of a project file. So with this little cheat it is possible for some close related project versions to exchange project files between Sony Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

“Converting” with MSVPVF seems to work in 2 directions for the exchange between Sony Movie Studio 13, Sony Vegas Pro 12 and Sony Vegas Pro 13 (to be sure : don’t use the extra features of a newer version and set the version flag to 12). Older Sony Vegas Pro project files “converted” to Sony Movie Studio files of the same version might load in newer versions of Sony Vegas Pro or Sony Movie Studio. I tried this with a Vegas Pro 10 projectfile in Movie Studio 13. Don’t expect miracles. Try what is working for you (no guarantee).

Don’t use this trick for important projects, keep always your original project files and test a “converted” project file immediately. In common don’t expect “upwards compatibility” between project files of different “generations”.

Current version : 1.31
Main Change from version 1.3:
– compiled as a 32 bit application instead of a 64 bit application
(improved compatibility for different Windows versions)

Main changes from version 1.2:
– tested with MovieStudio 14;
– choices of new File flag (version) changed (now 8 till 15);
– more explanation and hints in the opening screen;
– changes in the “logic” for the default (proposed) New File flag (version) after loading a project file.

Use at your own risk.

Features of MSVPVF
  • It ‘ ll make a new project file (copy) with the file flags for version number and file type you choose.
  • The new project file ‘ ll have automatically the correct extention (.vf or .veg).
  • Version flags : 8.. 15; only some combinations ‘ll work, see above.
  • File type flags : Movie Studio or Vegas pro.
  • No real conversion, just marking a file as a file of another type / version.
How to obtain Movie Studio Vegas Pro  Version Faker V 1.3 (MSVPVF)?

Although the program is free, I ‘ll appreciate a small donation, see the PayPal button below, near the “download” button.

Password (without the quotes) : “I consider a small donation”


5 thoughts on “Movie Studio / Vegas Pro version faker”

  1. Version 1.31 is compiled as a 32 bits version (version 1.3 was 64 bits).
    Some people seem to have trouble with the 64 bits version (still using a 32 bits Windows version?).
    Version 1.31 should work for Windows 32 bits and 64 bit versions. Tested with Windows 7 64 bits.

  2. Didn’t work for me. Converted a .veg file created in V12 to be compatible with V10, tried to load it, no go, said something about corrupt file. Does not work for everyone.

    1. Vegas Pro V10 and V12 have different file formats, so it won’t work (opening a Vegas Pro V12 file in Vegas Pro V10).

      What might work is to load a Vegas Pro V10 file “flagged” (“converted” with MSVPVF) as a MovieStudo (13) file in MovieStudio 13.
      Normally it is not possible to load a Vegas Pro file in MovieStudio.
      But this is no use for you because you seem to use Vegas Pro 12 and newer Vegas Pro versions can read older Vegas Pro versions without the need of MSVPVF.

      Please read the project page (above) for the (limited) use of MSVPVF.

      MSVPF is not a true file “converter”, it only changes version and file format flags.
      Because the Vegas Pro and MovieStudio file file formats seems to be more or less the same (for the same “generation” files), because the Vegas Pro / MovieStudio file format not really change with every version, because newer versions of Vegas Pro can read older file version of Vegas Pro and MovieStudio and because newer versions of MovieStudio can read older file versions of MovieStudio, the “MSVPVF trick” is a solution in some cases.

  3. Hi, thanks for this tool. Just to let you know that it didn’t work for me converting a vegas pro 16 file to vegas pro 15.

    (I bought version 16 then got my money back when I discovered how awful it is!)

    1. Important: It doesn’t work with the newest versions Vegas Pro 15, 16 and MovieStudio 15.

      It should work with Vegas Pro 12-14 and MovieStudio 13 and 14.

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