EnDisEffects script


EnDisEffects is a compiled script with user interface to enable, disable, add or remove a selected filter or to change the effect preset for the selected events.

For Sony Vegas Pro 12, Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Magix Vegas Pro 14.
Free to use for personal or commercial Vegas Pro projects (but don’t sell my script).

Examples of possible operations for the selected events and the selected effect:
Enable (all instances) of the effect.
Disable (all instances) of the effect.
Add 1 instance of the selected effect to the selected events with the selected effect preset.
Remove all instances of the selected effect for the selected events.
Change the preset of all instances of the selected effect for the selected events.

Originally I developed this script to temporarily disable “slow” effects like Neatvideo on the timeline. With EnDisEffects you can disable or enable all instances of the selected effect on the timeline with a few mouse clicks.

Support for video effects and audio effects that are available in your Vegas Pro installation or are present in the selected events.

Changes from version 1.0
  1. Possibility to define a preset when you add an effect.
  2. New action “Change Preset”.
  3. New switchable option to preserve “locked events” from changes by the script.
  4. New (automatic) switchable option to filter the available effects in the effects list for the selected events.
  5. Smart interactive user interface; automatic adaptation of the available choices when you change a setting in the user interface.
  6. Some (minor) bug fixes.
Download and installation

Installation instructions are present in the readme file of the download package (zip).

This script ‘ll not run in older versions of Vegas Pro (before version 12)!
The script uses features that are not available in the script API of the older versions.

Some users reported problems with the script with Windows 10 and Magix Vegas Pro 14. Windows 10 seems to block dll files (like the script) that are made on other computers. In the readme of the download package there are simple instructions to solve this problem.

To download this script use the password (without the quotes):
“I consider a small donation”

If you like the script, you can express your appreciation with a small donation, see the “Donate button” below.


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