Movie Studio / Vegas Pro Version faker (MSVPVF) – V1.1 update

I made a program “Movie Studio / Vegas Pro  Version Faker” (MSVPVF) that can change the flags for the version number and even the file type (Movie Studio or Vegas Pro) of a project file. So with this little cheat it is possible for some close related project versions to exchange project files between Sony Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

Version 1.1.

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Movie Studio or Vegas controlled by your tablet

Movie Studio Vegas Editor

Basic video (cuts) editing can be a lot of work, even with Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. I believe basic editing can be more efficient and comfortable with less user actions.

I made a ”remote”, version 2,  for your Android or iOS (f.i. IPAD) tablet to control basic (cuts) editing with Movie Studio or Vegas.

More info, see the page : Movie Studio and Vegas remote for your tablet V2