BluffTitler – BTKeyframes

I like the concept of BluffTitler. With BluffTitler it is easy to use existing shows or to make your own show. It has enough features to make complex shows with many animated (effect) properties.

Every layer in BluffTitler has a timeline where you can see the keyframes of the properties. In the Layers Dropdown (menu) every Layer that has one or more animated properties is marked with the symbol “+ “. In the Properties Dropdown of the selected layer every Property that is animated is marked with the symbol “+ “. Although this shows important information, sometimes you want a quick way to:

  1. see which keyframes of a layer change the selected property (without jumping from keyframe to keyframe to see the sliders to move or not);

  2. analyze “what is goïng on” concerning animated properties of all layers from time 0 to the length of the show.

BTKeyframes tries to fill this gap. With BTKeyframes you select a showfile and it ‘ll show you the animated properties of all layers. The animated properties can be sorted on time.

To download BTKeyframes use the password (without the quotes):
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