Remove “no camera” script

When Vegas generates a multi camera track a take with the name ‘(no camera)’ ‘ll be inserted for every place an original video track doesn’t have video. In some editing scenario’s, like using the “switch takes, random” function in Vegasaur this can cause black video clips because the random number for the take can be the “empty” (no camera) take. Removing the ‘(no camera)’ takes before using the random function of Vegasaur ‘ll solve this problem.

More info and download:

Music Video Sync updated to V2.1

Music VideoSync (MVS) can analyse music files (songs) and generates Marker files with “beat positions” of the music files. The Marker files can be imported in Vegas Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. This makes it easy to edit your videos on the beat.

Music Video Sync V2.1

With version 2.1 you can select multiple input music files and process these in one sequence. MVS ‘ll analyse each music file and ‘ll write one or more Marker files with the beat positions. Great to quickly experiment with multiple songs to discover what works with your video.

Now you can select a range for the beat interval value and for the beat offset value and generate multiple Marker files at once.

More info and download:

New version Movie Studio and Vegas remote for your tablet

I have updated my tool that I use myself  the most: “Movie Studio and Vegas remote for your tablet”.  The new version 2.1 has some improvements to optimize the “rough edit cut workflow”. The need to use the mouse and the keyboard is further reduced.

So if you own a tablet, buy and install for little money the third party app “Unified Remote Full” from the Google Play Store or the App Store, download and install my Custom remote (free) and enjoy speeding up your workflow. The remote is optimised  for basic video cut editing on the Timeline of Vegas Pro (tested with version 12,13,14) or MovieStudio (tested with version 13); f.i. to watch, select and trim the best parts of your long holiday videos.

More info and download: Movie Studio and Vegas Remote for your tablet

BTKeyframes – Show BluffTitler animated properties

With BluffTitler it is easy to use existing shows or to make your own show. It has enough features to make complex shows with many animated (effect) properties.

Although BluffTitler shows important information about properties, sometimes you want a quick way to:

  1. see which keyframes of a layer change the selected property (without jumping from keyframe to keyframe to see the sliders to move or not);

  2. analyze “what is goïng on” concerning animated properties of all layers from time 0 to the length of the show.

BTKeyframes tries to fill this gap. With BTKeyframes you select a showfile and it ‘ll show you the animated properties of all layers. The animated properties can be sorted on time.

More information and download: BTKeyframes


Vegas Shortcuts Script (VSS) for Pro and Movie Studio

Often I have just a need for a quick way to automate relative simple repetitive tasks with events on the timeline, which can be done with a bunch of keyboard shortcuts / mouse actions that are available in Vegas Pro / Movie Studio.

Vegas Shortcuts Script, VSS, fills the gap between a real Vegas Pro script and just some keyboard shortcuts that you have to remember.

Read more: Vegas Shortcuts Script