About Focus on Vegas

Vegas Directors ChairFocusOnVegas.com is an independent website dedicated to video editing and effects.
There is a special focus on the video editors Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.

Vegas Pro is my first choice for video editing. It has all the power I need, is relatively easy to use and can be extended and automated with scripts. In combination with Hitfilm (3) it is a winner. But even Movie Studio is sufficient for the majority of editing scenarios. These video editors used to be products of Sony Creative Software but are now taken over by Magix. I hope Magix ‘ll maintain Vegas and ‘ll develop it further without destroying the strength of it.

On this website you ‘ll find some (free) tools, scripts and programs I developed in addition to other information.

Because this is my hobby website I don’t follow “the rules” : elevator pitch messages, marketing, intensive interaction with my target audience, active on social media, etc.

This website is not commercially driven, but eventually I will not be motivated to share my “creations” if anyone just downloads.  So if you want to encourage and support me, you can  donate some money with the orange “Donate button” below some pages.