Remove “no camera” script

When Vegas generates a multi camera track a take with the name ‘(no camera)’ ‘ll be inserted for every place an original video track doesn’t have video. In some editing scenario’s, like using the “switch takes, random” function in Vegasaur this can cause black video clips because the random number for the take can be the “empty” (no camera) take. Removing the ‘(no camera)’ takes before using the random function of Vegasaur ‘ll solve this problem.

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Music Video Sync updated to V2.1

Music VideoSync (MVS) can analyse music files (songs) and generates Marker files with “beat positions” of the music files. The Marker files can be imported in Vegas Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. This makes it easy to edit your videos on the beat.

Music Video Sync V2.1

With version 2.1 you can select multiple input music files and process these in one sequence. MVS ‘ll analyse each music file and ‘ll write one or more Marker files with the beat positions. Great to quickly experiment with multiple songs to discover what works with your video.

Now you can select a range for the beat interval value and for the beat offset value and generate multiple Marker files at once.

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