Movie Studio or Vegas controlled by your tablet

Movie Studio Vegas Editor

Basic video (cuts) editing can be a lot of work, even with Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. I believe basic editing can be more efficient and comfortable with less user actions.

I made a ”remote”, version 2,  for your Android or iOS (f.i. IPAD) tablet to control basic (cuts) editing with Movie Studio or Vegas.

More info, see the page : Movie Studio and Vegas remote for your tablet V2 is online!

Welcome to my website. is an independent website dedicated to video editing and effects. Most of the information on this website will cover the (Sony / Magix) video editors Vegas Pro and Movie Studio.

I have a technical background so I ‘ll add some (free) tools, scripts and programs I developed for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio. Maybe other information like tutorials or articles too. This partly depends on your feedback……

Have fun!