Music Video Sync V2

Video editing to the beat of the music is time consuming.
I developed a tool (Music Video Sync V2) and workflow to edit video to the beat of the music with less effort and time.

My tool is video editor independant (no script) but is optimized for (Sony / Magix) Movie Studio (!) and Vegas Pro. The workflow uses the VASTT Fasstapp’s: MarkerMaker and StillMotion (about 10 dollar each; about € 12, tax included).
Music Video Sync uses in the background audio analyser software (Sonic Annotator with Beatroot-vamp plugin) of Queen Mary, University of London.

Below a video of my workflow and use of the tools.


I made a “Quick start Guide” that is included in the download.

Because of the file size, the zip file is split in 2 parts.
After downloading, use 7 zip (free) or another program to unzip the files in a directory of your choice.
The password for downloading each part is (without the quotes but with the spaces):
“I consider a small donation”


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  1. DUDE ! You are genious! this is amazing! LIKE IT IS GOING TO SAVE ME SO MUCH TIME! sorry for the caps! Just so excited!

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