Movie Studio / Vegas Pro version faker

Info Vegas Pro 15.

It doesn’t work with Vegas Pro 15 (tested with Pro 15 in demo mode).
I suppose Magix updated the file structure of Vegas Pro 15 to support the new features of Vegas Pro 15, so changing the “flags” trick of the project file to the flags of an older version doesn’t work  for Vegas Pro 15.

Updated to version 1.2.

The basic rules regarding file compatibility between Vegas Pro and Movie Studio are these:

  • Vegas will load Vegas project files with the same or older version number;
  • Vegas will load Movie Studio project files with the same or older version number;
  • Movie Studio will load MovieStudio project files with the same or older version number;
  • Movie Studio won’t load Vegas project files.

I experienced this when I tried to open a Movie Studio 13 project file in Vegas Pro 12. So even if you don’t use the new features of a new version you can not read your project files in older versions of Movie Studio or Vegas.

The project files of Sony Movie Studio 13, Sony Vegas Pro 12 and Sony Vegas Pro 13 seems to appear more or less equal.

I made a program “Movie Studio / Vegas Pro  Version Faker” (MSVPVF) that can change the flags for the version number and even the file type (Movie Studio or Vegas Pro) of a project file. So with this little cheat it is possible for some close related project versions to exchange project files between Sony Movie Studio and Sony Vegas Pro.

“Converting” with MSVPVF seems to work in 2 directions for the exchange between Sony Movie Studio 13, Sony Vegas Pro 12 and Sony Vegas Pro 13 (to be sure : don’t use the extra features of a newer version and set the version flag to 12). Older Sony Vegas Pro project files “converted” to Sony Movie Studio files of the same version might load in newer versions of Sony Vegas Pro or Sony Movie Studio. I tried this with a Vegas Pro 10 projectfile in Movie Studio 13. Don’t expect miracles. Try what is working for you (no guarantee).

Don’t use this trick for important projects, keep always your original project files and test a “converted” project file immediately. In common don’t expect “upwards compatibility” between project files of different “generations”.

The current version ‘ll work with projectfiles of Magix Vegas Pro 14. Files of older versions of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio ‘ll load without this tool in Vegas Pro 14. Vegas Pro 14 files “flagged” as Vegas Pro 12 format with this tool seems to load in Vegas Pro 12 and 13. Vegas Pro 14 files “flagged” as Movie Studio 13 format with this tool seems to load in Vegas Pro 13 and Movie Studio 13 (as long you only use effects and features that are present in the older version). This was for me a surprise too because, after rebranding to “Magix”, I expected that the effects that started with  the name “Vegas” (used to be  “Sony”) would cause problems. Probably the effects are referenced by unique ID and not by their names in the projectfiles.

Current version : 1.2

Use at your own risk.


Features of MSVPVF
  • It ‘ ll make a new project file (copy) with the file flags for version number and file type you choose.
  • The new project file ‘ ll have automatically the correct extention (.vf or .veg).
  • Version flags : 6.. 13; only some combinations ‘ll work, see above.
  • File type flags : Movie Studio or Vegas pro.
  • No real conversion, just marking a file as a file of another type / version.
How to obtain Movie Studio Vegas Pro  Version Faker V 1.2 (MSVPVF)?

Although the program is free, I ‘ll appreciate a small donation, see the PayPal button below, near the “download” button.

Password (without the quotes) : “I consider a small donation”


30 thoughts on “Movie Studio / Vegas Pro version faker”

  1. Thanks very much! Worked perfectly and allowed me to open an old Vegas Pro 12 .veg in Movie studio 13

  2. Worked GREAT!
    Same as “Thanks very much! Worked perfectly and allowed me to open an old Vegas Pro 12 .veg in Movie studio 13”

    1. I haven’t tested it with Windows 10, but I think it should work.
      What is the error you get?
      Are your sure the program isn’t blocked by your virus scanner or Windows 10 because the program is from an “unknown source”?
      Try to start the program with adminstarator right.

      1. It DOES work on Win10. At least I had no troubles using it, if the file name is short and without spaces.

  3. When I try to open a project, I have the following message; File not open

    Quand j’essaie d’ouvrir un projet, j’ai le message suivant; File not open

    1. Are you sure the file is not damaged?
      Have you tried it with different project files?
      Always the same error message?
      What type of file do you try to “convert” (MovieStudio file or Vegas Pro file, version)?

      1. Hello!
        I get the same error as above, i’m not sure if the files are damaged or not, i tried with different project files.
        I try to open Vegas Pro 12 files.

        1. You try to open Vegas Pro 12 files.
          What is the “destination” of the “conversion” (file type and version)?
          Is the original file made with the 32 bits version of Vegas Pro 12 or with the 64 bits version?

          Do you have an error message after this:
          1 Copy the original file and MSVPVF to a subfolder of your documents folder.
          2 Rename the original file to a short name without spaces.
          3 Start MSVPVF with adminstrator rights (right click, run as administrator).
          4 Convert.
          5 Try to open the new file with Vegas Pro or Movie Studio (64 bit original –> 64 bit).

    2. Same here. Latest Windows 10 and “File not open” error. The file is NOT damaged, I’m sure.

      1. Sorry to hear that it doesn’t work for you with (the latest) Windows 10.
        I don’t use Windows 10, so it is difficult for me to analyse and to fix the problem.
        I have reports that it works with Windows 10 (see response of Simon).
        Have you already tried the suggestion of Simon (short filename without spaces)?

  4. This was a last minute helper, thanks a lot! Wanted to use my brand new laptop on a longer train journey cutting and rendering an old project. Just some minutes before I’d to leave I’ve seen, that it isn’t possible to open old veg-files in the new MovieStudio anymore. Hell! Found your faker and solved it, thanks so much!


    P.S.: Just a little thing: My first try wasn’t successful, because the file name was too long and/or had spaces in it. After shortening the file name all was working fine. Not a really important thing, but maybe something which would be solved in just some seconds?

  5. Thank You!
    msvpvf V1.2 🙂
    A little trouble…. I am using Norwegian letters – æøå..
    The msvpvt do not accept thus letters so I renamed *.veg files not using æøå in the name, and got files for use in movie studio 12…. files that can be used in movie studio 13, 14, 13pro, 14pro… And – only the movie studio 14 gives me the movie result I was looking for. Only ms14 gave me borders arond crooped area, also those which is not 9/16. The border is following an area moving from a sqare to rectangle in any form…

  6. Werkt prima! Ik ontdekte dat bijzondere tekens (á, ç,ã, etc.) eerst even weggehaald moeten worden uit de bestandsnaam, anders kan het bestand niet geopend worden.

    1. Bedankt voor de melding. Bij een eventuele volgende versie zal ik onderzoeken of MSVPVF op een eenvoudige manier met dergelijke bijzondere tekens kan omgaan. Lijkt me vooral storend voor gebruikers waar veel bijzondere tekens in de taal voorkomen (zoals het Noors).

  7. I get the error
    “Program raped, somebody changed this program. Don’t use this program anymore.”
    Any help ? Thank you in advance.

    1. I guess you get this error not at the start of msvpvf but when you try to “convert” a file?

      Some suggestions:
      1 Rename your original filename to a short filename without special characters and try to convert with msvpvf again.
      2 Try to run msvpvf with administrator rights.
      3 If you are not sure how you got msvpvf, download it from my website and not from other sources.
      4 Be sure that Windows (or your security software) doesn’t block msvpf; Windows 10 (and maybe 8.1 too) seems to be more strict with files from “unkonown sources” (websites with a relative low number of downloads?).

  8. Any way to convert from Vegas Pro 15 to Movie Studio 12?
    Well, I recently needed to edit certain files only for a brief project and the original was from Vegas Pro so needed to download Vegas Pro 15 trial.
    After making quite a few changes it looks like Trial in Vegas is adding Vegas logo so can’t render it for use.

    I have Movie Studio 12. Is there any way for me to convert the project from Vegas Pro 15 to Movie Studio 12 ? Maybe two stages conversion?
    I would definitelly donate if I knew it could work. THank you.

    Also what happens if there is any effect that doesn’t exist in Movie Studio? Is it just being skipped or won’t open the file at all?

    1. Be sure to enter the correct password:
      – don’t include the quotes “”
      – you use the right uppercase and lowercase characters
      – you include the spaces of the password phrase.

  9. Worked for me – .veg (Vegas 8) to .vf (MVS 14.0) on Windows 10. Sent a small donation… thanks so much.

  10. Hello,
    I can’t open a Movie Studio 14.0 .vf file with the msvpvf V1.2 : is it normal ?

    1. This is normal.
      Although you can (maybe) read files of an older version in Movie Studio 14, MSVPF V1.2 can not read files made with newer versions than MovieStudio 13 or Vegas Pro 14.

  11. ok, too sad 🙁
    but i discovered that Vegas 14 can open a Movie Studio 14.0 .vf file ( with pbs with .mov file… 🙁 ), so it’s ok for me for now.
    BRAVO for this tool BTW !

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