Movie Studio and Vegas remote for your tablet V2

Movie Studio Vegas Editor

Basic video (cuts) editing can be a lot of work, even with Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. I don’t want to use my mouse all the time. For basic editing I don’t need 102 keys of my keyboard. Even if I remember all the the (alt, shift, control) keyboard shortcuts and combinations of it (sequences), I believe basic editing can be more efficient and comfortable with less user actions.

I made a ”remote”  for your Android or iOS (f.i. IPAD) tablet to control basic (cuts) editing with Movie Studio or Vegas Pro. It is based on the full version of the app “Unified Remote”, available in the Google play store (Android) or the Apple app store (iOS).

What is new in version 2?

  • Improved workflow / ergonomics, added functionality and buttons.
  • Optimizations after longer “real life” use with the scenario : select fast and accurate the best clips and the best parts of clips from hours of raw video. This is the part of video editing that cost a lot of time and I don’t like.
  • Optimized for the 9 and 10 inch format screens (like of the IPAD).

Instructions for installation and use are included in the readme PDF of the download.

Video that demonstrates some real life use of the “tablet remote” for Movie Studio or Vegas Pro:

Password (without the quotes): “I consider a small donation”

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