Dolby AC3 pro encoder in Magix Vegas Pro 14

The Dolby AC3 pro encoder is not installed with Magix Vegas Pro 14 (at least not with the initial release); only the Dolby AC3 Studio encoder is installed.

If you have installed and licensed (Sony) Vegas Pro 13 the Dolby AC3 pro encoder is present in Vegas Pro 13.

At cost of (temporarely) losing your AC3 Studio encoder in Vegas Pro 14 and after some file manipulation between the two installations (Vegas Pro 13 en 14) it is possible to use the Dolby AC3 pro encoder of Vegas Pro 13 with Magix Vegas Pro 14.

More info :

Vegas Creative Software forum


Timeline integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro and Vegas Pro 14

The integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro from the timeline is not present in Magix Vegas Pro 14. So no right click on a clip to switch to Hitfilm 3 Pro to manipulate the clip. It ‘ll work with Hitfilm 4 Pro.

It is unlikely that FXHome ‘ll release an installer for the older Hitfilm 3 Pro in combination with Vegas Pro 14.

I managed to add timeline integration for the combination Hitfilm 3 Pro and Magix Vegas Pro 14.

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